The Fill Rate is one of the most important metric in many of the business related decisions. So Knowing Fill Rate is one of the essential tasks in Data Analysis and Decision making in business processes. In this article, we’re going to explain how to find the Fill Rate of a Table using T-SQL Queries.

Observing Fill Rate is the key factor for knowing and improving data quality that creates the fulfillment to both our management as well as our end users. Need to find Fill Rate of a Table, How to do it?

What is meant by Fill Rate?

The Fill Rate is defined as…

Where there is a dev, there is a code!

Dev mostly loves coding way to do most of the things! In this blogpost, we would see how to create New SQL Database in Azure through Azure Command Line Interface(CLI) Way. We can do this way, to get benefit of source control processes as well as simple infrastructure as a code programming model, one another alternative instead of many UI clicks…


  • Active Azure Subscription. If you don’t have, create a free account.
  • Subscription Level Contributor access or Owner access. we can check our Access in Subscriptions–>Access Control (IAM)–>View my Access. …

Resource’s Locked, Step Away!

What is Resource Lock?

The Resource Lock in Azure is Super powerful Resource Manager that provides Azure Admins a way to lock-down required Azure Resources and prevent them from accidental deletions and modifying of the resources. It is powerful than Role Based Access Control (RBAC), puts restrictions on the azure resources that is applicable for all type of users.

Another way to easily remember

Admin — “We have all access

Developers — “We have some access

Read users — “We have read alone access

RESOURCE LOCK be like — “Whoever you are (Admin, Developers, Read Users), you all are same to me, Face me first (Edit/Delete), Go to the…


MCT | MCP | MCSA-DB Dev | MC-Azure Data Engineer Associate | 9x Microsoft [6x Azure☁] + 1x Databricks⚡ Certified✅ | Sr. Data Engineer

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